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We are Singapore’s flagship university. We hope you will be inspired by the many fascinating facets that make NUS a leading global university centred in Asia.

Getting Ready for the Future

“At NUS, we pride ourselves as being at the forefront of educational innovation and we have implemented a range of initiatives to prepare our students for the future.”

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Come discover our exciting and vibrant campus and find out why #NUSLife is invigorating and fulfilling.

Thought Leadership

Distinguished thought leaders, movers and shakers in Singapore and across the globe gather regularly on campus to share their insights and engage in intellectual discourse.


Works, Marks and Personae: De(Re)Constructing Narratives in Intellectual Property Law

Professor David Tan, NUS Law’s Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, delivered his inaugural professorial lecture where he explored how the encoded narratives in certain objects of IP may be read as polysemous texts that invite playful semiotic recodings, culture jamming and poststructural disruptions.

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Singapore’s past, a guide to the future

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr Heng Swee Keat shared his thoughts on Singapore’s past, present and future at a recent dialogue session held during the Singapore Bicentennial Conference, an event organised by the Institute of Policy Studies of our Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

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Upcoming events


Book Launch

The Antibiotic Tales Book Launch
10:00 AM
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